Building My Plan


what are my academic preferences?

The subjects I enjoy most are

    The subjects I enjoy the least are

      I understand information better by

        I prefer to demonstrate my understanding

                what are my academic challenges?

                Academic skills that are hard for me are

                what motivates me?

                how do i learn best?

                The ways I am smart are

                what helps me learn?

                Learning was easier for me when

                what are my learning strengths?

                My strongest learning skills are

                what are my learning challenges?

                Learning skills most challenging for me are

                What are my goals?

                This will become a SMART goal at the end of level 3

                What is coming in level 3?

                As you continue your journey you will find out:

                • What are your skills in understanding reading?
                • How you express yourself orally and in writing?

                When you are done you will:

                Earn more rewards for your efforts AND

                Receive a list of strategies your teachers can use to teach you the way you learn best!

                Study Smart