Draft Mini Learning Plan


what are my academic preferences?

    I understand information better by


    I prefer to demonstrate my understanding

    SC000009- SC000012

    what are my academic challenges?

    This section will provide you with the results

    of the skills you will be working on in Level 2 and Level 3.

    Listen to the stories you already completed

    what are my learning strengths?

    My strongest learning skills are

    what are my learning challenges?

    Learning skills most challenging for me are

    What are my goals?

    The learning goals I would like to achieve are

    (FL000005 , FL000007, FL000009, FL000011)

    The overall goals I would like to achieve are

    (FL000012, FL000013)

    What is coming in level 2 and 3?

    This mini learning plan shows only a small part of who you are.

    As you continue your journey you will find out:

    • What motivates you to learn?
    • How you learn best?
    • How you remember?
    • What are your skills in math and writing?
    • What are your skills in reading and spelling?

    When you are done you will be able to:

    Earn more rewards for your efforts AND

    Enjoy learning the way you learn best!

    Study Smart